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Inspiration Page
There's nothing better than the peace and quiet of country life! Our studio is located on a working Texas Longhorn Cattle Ranch just outside the small city of Milford, Texas.

Our ranch is home to a registered Texas Longhorn herd, Lamancha Dairy Goats, Rhode Island Red Chickens, abundant wildlife, a couple of herd horses and a one of a kind ranch dog.
Doesn't it make you wonder at times, where our artist abilities, talents, inspirations and knowledge comes from.  I honestly think it comes from within our hearts.  Our surroundings, how we were brought up to deal with life.  It's kind of a peacefulness.  And......isn't it life that gives us that peaceful feeling? 

Here on our ranch, these pictures are our every day surroundings.  Sometimes we take for granted things that come within our site.  To me, these our my inspirations....